Real Travel Blog.

Why the Real Travel Blog? Just because you find so many opinions about countries and places.

But is this opinion based on a real experience, or is it just an internet opinion?

We only write about places and countries we have been ourselves, and how we experienced it.

Everybody is difference and is looking for different things. So, maybe a destination we love, is not a destination for you. Or the other way around.

Who are we?

We are a couple living in the Netherlands and we LOVE to travel. We have been to some amazing places.

Did you ever hear about for example Fernando de Noronha Brazil? We did not, until people from Brazil advised us to go there for our vacation. And guess what? It is one of the most amazing places we have ever seen.


32Places we have been:
58Days until our next vacation
5Places on our bucket list
1Nbr. of trips planned

Why did we start The Real Travel blog?

Very often, our friends and family are asking us for very detailed advice on their vacation or asking us for travel inspiration.
We love to share this information with them and thought we would be writing about it in a blog format.

Everything we write is our opinion and our view. Somebody else can have a complete other opinion. On top, things can change fast. For example, hotels can change from owner, and service can be completely different.
What we believe is the ideal beach destination can look completely different if you visit the same destination during rainy days.

We don`t say what we write is the truth. It is our opinion and view.


South America

We love South America and specifically Brazil. The lifestyle, the friendly people and beautiful nature makes it for us one of our favorite destinations.
Rio de Janeiro is one of the most amazing cites we have been. Ferrnando de Noronha Brazil is a paradise on earth. Praia da Pipa a laid back beach destination. Sao Paulo one of the major cities in South America.
See below places in South America we have been so far.


What do we like?

Our favorite destinations usually have nice warm weather. We often but not always chose beach destinations. Ideally, we like to combine sightseeing of cool places with relaxation.

We also don`t like to stay for more than a week in the same location of hotel. Therefore, we most of the times build our own vacation package.


The pyramids in Giza, close to Cairo Egypt. The beaches and turquoise sea in Hurghada or Sharm el Sheik. A complete different culture and climate and just a flight of about 4,5 hours from Europe.

The Real Travel Blog motto: "We want a quality hotel for an affordable price."

Finding the right flight, with a good hotel became our specialty.

We enjoy good quality hotels during our vacation and usually at a good price. We normally spent a considerable amount of time to find the best value for money, meaning finding luxury at affordable prices.

Sometimes we are shocked to hear from people what they paid for their vacation and what they got for this amount.

Completely shocked we are about a Dutch tv show called “save my vacation”. In this TV show people are offered help during their vacation when they end up in terrible hotels.

We ask ourselves the question many times. How is this possible? For the amount they paid we had a vacation in a luxury resort in The Maldives!

And not only that. We believe that nowadays it is not necessary anymore to end up in a situation like that. With websites like TripAdvisor, but there are more, you can easily avoid these kinds of situations.

There are some tips we will share with you, which maybe helps you to find that luxury hotel which you thought was unaffordable.

Backpacking or camping is not our thing, so you will not find information about these types of vacations on The Real Travel Blog.


Nightlife, idyllic places, great food and white sandy beaches. You can find it all in Mexico. Mexico offers everything for a perfect vacation. The wide beaches in Playa del Carmen, the nightlife in Cancun beach or the more rustic Cabo san Lucas.

In our own research for travel information, we are sometime overloaded with articles about a specific destination and browsing to numerous blogs. But we still cannot find the information we need. Real information and useful information for the trip.

Our Real Travel Blog is meant to answer some of the more real travel questions when planning your vacation:

  • Where do we travel / travel inspiration?
  • What should I watch out for?
  • What is important to know?
  • How is the culture and how are people like?
  • How are hotels and restaurants in the area?
  • What is something not to miss?

We hope this kind of information is helpful for you!

The Maldives

Who is not dreaming of a vacation on The Maldives? When we found a last-minute offer for the Kuramathi resort we made our dream come through.  As it was even better than expected, we returned to the Maldives island Kuredu, the Maldives resort Chayaa Reef Ellaidhoo and the Royal Island resort. Off course The Maldives belong to Asia, but as it is so special we dedicated a special section to it. Check out these destinations!

Why there is nothing about Europe on The Real Travel Blog?

We are ourselves from Europe and have been in almost all countries in Europe. We believe that outside Europe you not only get much more value for money, but it is also more interesting for us.

The complete different culture, different food, meeting people from other continents are just some points which makes it for us more attractive to travel outside Europe.

In our opinion it is an enrichment to see other parts of the world.

Maybe, if you are European, it is very expensive, but it is not. For the amount you pay for a quality hotel in for example Spain during the high season, you can find the fanciest hotels in the other part of the world.

The Caribbean

White and sandy beaches, turquoise waters that is what you find in the Caribbean, in countries like the Domanican Republic island and Jamaica. But also, don`t forget Curacao and Aruba, which are perfect destinations for a relaxing beach vacation. And our latest destination visited in the Caribbean, Sandals st. Lucia.

Is it not dangerous to travel to countries like Brazil?

One of our biggest frustrations is the opinion people have, based on what they hear and read. In Dubai you need to be fully covered as a woman, in Brazil you will get robbed or killed, Thailand is all about prostitutes. This are just a few of the stigmas people have.

Reality is almost always completely different. Of course, in a country like Brazil you must be more careful. But we have been many times in Brazil without a single incident. On the other hand, in Barcelona we have been 3 times victim of crime.  

Don`t believe everything you hear or read. Most of the people have not even been in the destination they believe they know all about it.

United States

The United States is not a country you can see in a couple of weeks. Distances are big and there are many interesting places. Therefore, we went multiple times to different places.

Our favorite place in The United States? We loved Las Vegas and New York. But also, Los Angeles and Florida.

How to decide where to go?

We normally don`t have a specific destination in mind where we want to go. We first do a check on different locations, regarding available flights and hotels and of course the weather. Especially in Asia you have real monsoon periods, and that is something that you don`t want.

There are also areas like in the Caribbean where you have a rain and hurricane season. Still, in this period you can be lucky and have fantastic weather. For these kinds of destinations in these periods we normally go for a last-minute. In this case you can wait till a weather forecast is available.

We spent quite some time finding our destination. For us it is part of the vacation fun!


Singapore and Thailand are interesting and complete different countries. Amazing Thailand is also on our favorite lists, and chances are high that we will go back here. Phuket Thailand and Koh Samui have a lot to offer. The scenery is just amazing. But we also enjoyed our Singapore holidays.

What else can you expect on the Real Travel Blog?

We will not stop travelling. That is a fact. At the moment we are thinking about our next trip. One of the destinations high on our list is Cuba. But there are still many other places we want to go.

Australia, but also places like Fiji, Bali have a high chance we will pay a visit in the upcoming years.

The Middle East

The United Arab Emirates is sometimes seen as Dubai. But there is way more. Dubai is just one of the seven Emirates. Did you for example every consider a Abu Dhabi Vacation? This is easy to combine with the best at Dubai. And do you want to experience the real Middle East, don`t forget about Qatar in that case.

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