Amazing Thailand

Amazing Thailand

Amazing Thailand that is really what this country is.  There are many things to do in Thailand.

From going on a trip on the beautiful Islands, visiting a night market or of course watch one of the Buddha temples.

If you are not into sightseeing, than there are also plenty of nice beaches to enjoy.

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Amazing Thailand

Thailand is a very interesting and beautiful destination, and you can truly speak from Amazing Thailand. In fact is a petty that it has the reputation as sextoursim destination. It is true that in all touristic areas prostitution widely available, but it is mainly concentrated in specifi areas. But amazing Thailand has so much more to offer, you don`t need to be bothered with the prositution.

We have been twice in Amazing Thailand, but for sure will visit again. Place we visited are Phuket Thailand  and also in Thailand Koh Samui.

Amazing Thailand

Important things to know about Amazing Thailand:

Before you book, check on the public holidays in the area. During these periods, prices of hotels will go up drastically, and it will be very busy. Even the choice of hotels can be limited.

Don`t be afraid to use domestic flights. We took a domestic flight with Bangkok Airways, and it was the best flight experience ever. The service and food were excellent. Something you will never experience with a European Airline. When you fly from Phuket to Bangkok, you have even access to a small lounge with flying Economy.

As we found out that our connecting flight from Bangkok (with KLM), had been cancelled the Bangkok Airways staff did everything they could to help us, givn that it was another airline.

The service you normally get in the upscale hotels is really excellent. The only thing is that the level of English is not always that good. And as the Thai tend to just say yes, you have to make sure that they really got your point. Repeating a few times, and making sure that you are serious is sometimes needed.


Amazing Thailand

Thai also avoid conflicts, so if you are for example not happy with your room, they sometimes just tend to agree with you, but nothing really happens. In these cases you really have to stay firm. Most of the times there is somebody around who speaks better English, and then it is better to try to refer to this person. The same if  have a more important questions, the best is to referr to these employees. 

When in Thailand you cannot skip the Thai Massage. Especially after a long flight, it is one of the best things you can do to your body. Although a lot of people believe the Thai massage is more like an erotic massage, this is defiantly not true.

The only thing you have to be aware of is the area you go for a massage. If you go in the area with prostitutes, than there is a high chance they believe you are looking for an erotic massage.

Amazing Thailand
Amazing Thailand

Nature in Thailand

The nature in Thailand is amazing. You find the best scenery you have ever seen. There are quit some places which have been used for shooting movies.

But also, simply the colorful flowers you see everywhere are so beautiful. And on top of that they smell great.

In the meantime Thailand is one of our favorite vacation destinations. This because it is diverse and you combine relaxation with visiting amazing places.

So far we have only seen Koh Samui and Phuket, but we are quite sure we will go back to visit more places.

We are also a big fan a nice Maldives resort, but on a Maldives island you are kind of limited to the resort where you stay. In Thailand you have more options to go out for a nice dinner and/or cocktails.

On top you can combine your vacations to visit some of the major cities in the area like for example Singapore.


Thailand Koh Samui is one of the places we visited. It is a lovely Island, which is more quite than for example Phuket. Still there is enough to do  and it is easy to go around the Island. Despite we were not really luck with the weather, we still loved it. Normally we don`t like to go back to the same place anymore, but maybe we make an exception for Koh Samui. 

Phuket Thailand is one of the more touristic places in Thailand. However, the touris cater more around Patong Beach then the city of Phuker. Phuket is the name of the island, and there are various places where you can stay. Are you looking for nightlife and entertainment, than Paton Beach is your place to go. Do you prefer more tranquility than it is better to look for a more quiet area on the island. 

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Amazing Thailand
Thailand is an amazing ccountry to spent your vacation. It is on of our favoirte destinations as it has so much to offer.