Kuramathi Island Resort, Atoll

Kurmathis resort at the Ari Atoll

Ari Atoll Kuramathis Island resort & spa               

Our fist visit to the Maldives, the the Kramathi Island resort, located at the Ari atoll.

An unforgetable vacation, which made us come back to the Maldives many times. 

Kuramathi Island Resort, Atoll

Kuramathi Island Resort, Ari Atoll

We found a good deal when we went there (+/- 1,000€ / person, 10 days half board), which made our dream to become true to go for a vacation to The Maldives. And we felt completly in love with the Maldives. 

We went in June, and therefore had some rain, which most likely also explains the price. We stayed in a beach villa, which is spacious and has a nice outside space with your own beach chairs.

Snorkeling is very good at this island. It can be a bit difficult to get on the outside of the reef to do your snorkeling, mainly during low tide.

There are many black tip sharks around, and some of them can be quite large. The first few times it can be a bit scary, but these sharks are harmless.
However, it remains predators, so they follow you in your back and once you look behind you, you are facing a shark.


Things not to miss

  • One of the attractions they have is the stingray feeding, which is around sunset. Is nice to go before feed-time as the stingrays start to show up about 1 hour before, circling round very close to the shore. There is a patio nearby where you can enjoy a drink. We went there many times enjoying a cocktail and watch the action.
  • The sandbank at the island is worth it to wake up early and to walk on this sandbank into the sea. You will never have seen something like this. There is no better spot to make your pictures.


The island has only bungalows and villa`s in different categories. All bungalows have a terrace in front of the bungalow. This is what we really love about the Maldves. Coming from Europe we want to spent time outside and enjoy the weather. We don`t want to get stuck in a hotel room where if you are lucky you have a balcony.

We also love the outside shower, which is secluded in the back yard of the bungalows.

The whole island as well as the bungalows are very well maintained.



The only thing you must consider for your safety is the snorkeling. And then 2 specific things:

The tides of the sea. When it is low tide, it can be quite difficult to get out of the water the island is surrounded by a coral reef. The snorkeling is the best on the outside of the reef, which is maybe like 50 meters from the beach. You can only cross the reef to get on the outside via a few kind entrances which are created. However, when it is low tide these entrances are difficult to cross. You must be careful not to hut yourself on the coral or rocks in this case.

Secondly, be ware of fish which potentially can be harmful to you. The funny thing is that you don`t to have to worry about the sharks which are plenty around the island. It are more the species like the trigger fish, which can be aggressive. During our vacation at Kuramati we did not have trouble with these species. However, during our vacation at the Maldives island Kuredu  we had an unpleasant experience.

In terms of criminality or terrorism is a 100% safe to stay on a island in the Maldives like Kuramati.

Kuramathi resort at the Ari Atoll

Getting there

Once you arrive at the Male airport, you either must go by boat to the Kuramathi Island Resort,  Ari Atoll or you can take a water plane.

We had the boat option. It takes about 1,5 – 2 hours to arrive. This is long as we had already a long flight. The actual transfer time depends on weather conditions. When the weather is rougher, the transfer will take longer, and it will also be less pleasant.

The upside of the boat transfer is that when you are lucky you can meet with some Dolphins.

One thing to keep in mind is your arrival and departure time of your plane from Male airport. In general, the boat trips are only done during daylight. If you have for example a late departure from Male airport, it is very good possible that you need to spend quite some hours on the airport.

They also combine passengers of different flights on the boat. This can mean you have to wait for other passengers, or you will be dropped early at the airport when other people have earlier flights.

Given the distance it is better to opt for the seaplane when you have the chance. This will of course be the more expensive option.

If you are face seasickness, then the seaplane should for sure be your preference. The boat ride can be quite rough to reach the Ari Atoll. 


Kuramathi resort at the Ari Atoll


The period May – November is the rain season. Not only at the Ari Atoll but in the whole of the Maldives. In this period of the year you can be quite sure that there will be rain almost every day.

If you are lucky you will have some showers and if you are even more lucky these will be in the evening. When luck is not at your side it can rain for days in a row.

In case you face multiple rainy days in a row, then there is not much you can do on a tropical island.

Prices difference between the dry and wet season are huge. During the rainy season you can find good offers.

This is a good tip for a lastminute vacation. If you can book like a week before departure the weather forecast should give you a good idea of the weather conditions. And in that case chances are good that you will also find a good last-minute.

Kuramathi resort at the Ariri atoll

Despite the rain we had, we loved Kuramathi.

Not that we would go back, but that is just because we are not big fans of going the same place twice.

Therefore, there are to many nice places to visit. Even within the Maldives you already have plenty of options to spend your vacation. For example the Royal Island resort Maldives, the Maldives resort Chayaa Reef Ellaidhoo and the Maldives island Kuredeu resort where we stayed during our holidays.