Cabo san Lucas

Cabo San Lucas

Cabo San Lucas

We visited Cabo San Lucas in the autumn of 2010. Our 2nd time in Mexico after we visited Cancun. It was our stop of the beach, while making a trip to the US west coast. Cabos San Lucas is a more upscale location as for example Cancun, and feels more Mexican than for example the hotel strip in Cancun.

The next report on the Real Travel blog is Cabo San Lucas. As it is on the west coast of Mexico and therefore a long flight from Europe it less frequented by Europeans than for example Playa del Carmen.

Around the harbor in Cabo San Lucas you will find quite some nice restaurants and bars for a meal or to have some cocktails. It does not have the massive nightlife like Cancun beach has.

Cabo San Lucas does not have a hotel strip like in Cancun. Hotels are more spread. Cabo San Lucas has only around 70,000 inhabitants, so it is a rather small city. There is definitely a nightlife scene, but more like smaller clubs and bars. It gives less the feeling of a mass tourist destination.

Prices will increase drastically (double) when a cruise ship arrives. If you want to take for example a massage, wait till the cruise ship is gone.

The beach Cabo San Lucas


We stayed in the Riu Palace Cabo San Lucas. It is exactly what you might expect from a Riu Palace. Food and drinks were in line with the normal standards at a Riu Palace. The beds are not the most comfortable, but are ok. 

The only complaint we had was the temperature of the water in the swimming pool. As we were in November in Cabo San Lucas, the temperature was not too high. As it seemed it was kind on the edge of the season when they start to heat the pool. Unfortunatly they planned this for the week after we would leave the hotel. 

Food & drinks

As there is no issue going around by yourself in Cabo San Lucas, you can find some nice, more authentic places. In general food & drinks are quite cheap compared to European standards.

Things not to miss

  • A must see is a boat trip to watch the sea lions colony.
  • A dinner or some cocktails in the harbor, at times there are no cruise ships.
  • From mid December to mid April, it is the whale watching season. unfortunately, we were to early, but if you happen to be here during this season, it seems to be amazing.
The pool at the Riu Palace


According to our experience it is a safe destination. In the more central area we walked around during the nights, and felt absolutly safe. Just like in many other destinations, once you leave the central area it is better to just travel by taxi. However, this is more a standard we apply than that we felt this was necessary.


We visited in November. The weather was a bit on the chilly side. If you want to go for a beach vacation, the best is April to October, whem temperatures will be around 30+. In case you go outside this season, at least make sure that you have a hotel with a heated pool.

Sea lions colony
Creativity in the RIU Palace
Many Sea Lions in Cabo San Lucas
Wildlife Cabo San Lucas