Our visit to Isla Mujeres

Cancun beach

Cancun beach has the combination of beach and a sparkling nightlife. The hotel strip, where you will stay if you book a vacation in Cancun, is packed with hotels.

The beaches undergone some damage of hurricanes over the years and are not that great as you can find in other areas in Mexico.

Cancun is an ideal destination if you are looking for a combination of beach and nightlife. 

Things not to miss

From Cancun you can take the ferry to Isla Mujeres. On the island you can rent a buggy and explore the island. There are very nice spots on the Island. You can easily spent a whole day here, and with the buggy you can do it according to your own schedule

Great infinity pool


You will find many, many hotels in Cancun. All major chains are well presented, but there are also plenty of budget hotels available. Directly on the beach you will find mainly the hotels in the higher category. Prices are in general reasonable, given the good standard. A big part of the hotels works according to the All-Inclusive formula.

We stayed both in the Riu Palace Las Americas and the newer Riu Palace Penisuilina. The standard at Riu Palace which is always good. The buffets, a-la carte restaurants are of good quality and you will have plenty of drinks to choose from. On top is the service in general of high standards. The only thing we don`t like to much at the Riu are the beds, which are not to comfortable.

The beaches at both hotels are small and not to great. You will find better beaches in Playa del Carmen or for example in The Domanican Repulbic, Aruba or Cuarcao


The hotel strip in Cancun is safe and highly secured. On the end of the strip there are always police check points.

Going downtown Cancun is another story. We went a few times during daylight, to go for example to the shopping Centre. You can see it is poor, and we would not go in the night by ourselves.

On the other hand there is not much to see or do in the city of Cancun, so there is also not really a reason to go there. Maybe just to have seen it and to get a break from your hotel.


The sea at the Riu Palace

Getting there

To fly directly to Cancun you have mostly look for the holiday airlines like Tui, Germanwings etc. Direct flights with a standard airine are not to many. Most of the times you have to connect via a city in the USA.

Just make sure that the city from where you have your connecting flight is not to much out of the route, to avoid adding a lot of extra travel hours.

Coming from Europe I would for sure avoid connecting in Mexico City as this is adding a lot of extra hours of travel time.

Coco Bongo
Coco Bongo


Cancun has a whole year around warm climate. The autumn months are the rainy season and chances that you will have rain are quite high. On top it is in area where hurricanes occur quite often.

Even if you will not be directly hit by a hurricane,  if there is a hurricane or tropical storm in the area it will influence the weather negatively

Our last visit was during the month of November. The temperature was not that high, and we had quite a lot of rainy days. Half of our vacation it was not warm enough to enjoy the swimming pool or beach.

If you want to be sure to have beach weather, it is better to avoid the winter months. The temperature will be pleasant but staying at the swimming pool or beach can be cold.

Overrall, in our experience Cancun beach is not a destination where you can enjoy the whole year the beach. In the winter months it is better to head to the Caribbean if you want to be sure that you can enjoy the beach. 


Swimmingpool in Cancun


Culture and people

In Cancun you will spent most of your time in the hotel strip. The local people you meet there is the staff working at the various hotels.

Based on the people working in the hotels and shops around, Mexican people are very friendly and helpful.

The hotel strip is not representing the real Mexican culture. Do you really want toe experience the Mexican culture and lifestyle, in that case Cancun is not your destination. You can visit the city of Cancun but that has not a lot to offer.

Although Cabo San Lucas is also a touristic place, we had there more the feeling of being in Mexico. The hotel strip in Cancun could just be in any country.

A friendly lizard
Our visit to Isla Mujeres
The Lobby at the Riu Palaace

Food and drinks

As said, we stayed at an all-inclusive resort, so we did not enjoy a lot of food outside the hotel. In the center of the strip there are restaurants around where you can enjoy a meal.

Also, in the shopping Centre there are some restaurants around.

For Mexico we found the price level quite high for these restaurants. Most likely because the all-inclusive hotels take away a lot of their business.


Beautifull sunset

Cancun is nice for a combination of beach and night life. If a white, sandy large beach is your priority it would be better to go to for example Playa del Carmen. If Nightlife is important for your vacation, then Cancun is your better option.

You can make some daytrips, for example to Isla Mujeres, but Cancun is mostly about relaxing at the beach or swimming pool during the day and enjoy nightlife during the evening.

Is the beach your main goal, then we would advice you to go to Playa del Carmen.

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Beautifull sunset
Riu Palace Peninsula

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