curacao caribbean

Curacao Caribbean

Curacao Caribbean, part of the Dutch Antilles. One of the sunniest places on earth, with temperatures the whole year around 30 °C.  

That together with beautiful beaches makes it a perfect destination for sun & beach.

Things to keep in mind in Curacao Caribbean

Where in Aruba the hotels are centralized on the hotel strip, in Curacao it is a bit more spread. Renting a car in Curacao to explore the island and to visit more secluded beaches is worth it.

Curacao has a decent infrastructure and therefore driving is easy.

We found Curacao more developed than other countries in the Caribbean like for example Jamaica or the Domanican Republic island.

You can see the Dutch influences everywhere and, in most places, you can speak Dutch. You even find an Albert Heijn supermarket where you can buy all the Dutch products.

Things not to miss

  • A visit to Willemstad, preferable by day and night. At nigh time the lights of the buildings give an extra glance to the city. In Willemsstad you will find the famous driving bridge, which opens every now and then to let boats pass. 
  • Knip beach, in our opinion the best beach in Curacao.
  • Kontiki beach, the lively beach with bars and restaurants on the beach and nearby.
  • A drive toward the west punt of the Island., where also the Kura Hulanda lodge & beach is located. The drive is not to long and you get to see the whole island. 
Curacao Caribbean

Accommodation Curacao Caribbean

We stayed at 3 different places.

Before arriving we only booked the 1st few nights, to see a bit where to stay.

The first hotel where we stayed was the Sunscape Curacao Resort Spa & Casino. At the time we stayed there, it was just changing owners. Based on the current pictures, it seems the place has been renovated which was defiantly needed. The rooms were very basic and noisy. It is an all-inclusive hotel, but in our opinion not worth the premium price they charge. It is better to book a nicer less expensive hotel and go out for your dinner and drinks.

Our second place was the Lodge Kura Hulanda And Beach Club. This place is quite isolated, you defiantly need a car, and even with a car there are not much places around. As it is isolated, it is a quit resort to have a relaxing time. The beach is rather small, and when it is busy at the hotel you might not find a chair over there. Also the hotel is in need of renovation, and not everything was clean.

On the other hand the rooms are very nice and lots of space. The  hotel is set-up in bungalow style, and you have a private outside space, more or less in the jungle. As it is so isolated, you miss a bit the Curacao feeling, as it could just be anywhere in the Caribbean. In terms of price, this hotel is normally a good option, but not our favourite. 

Lodge Kura Hulanda And Beach Club

Curacao Caribbean

Our last hotel where we stayed was the Santa Barbara Beach & Golf Resort Curacao. In our opinion by far the nicest were we stayed. At the time when we stayed here it was part of the Hyatt group, but this has changed by now. The rooms are very nice and have nice views.

The property is quite large, but also has a large beach and pool and therefore you will also find a place and it does not feel too crowded. The restaurants are outstanding. As it is a bit out of the center you will also need a car over here to go around, but the drive towards the center is not to far.

Santa Barbara Beach & Golf Resort Curacao

Curacao Caribbean


We felt save in Curacao and believe it is safer than countries like Jamaica or the Domanican Republic. That said, we read that after we stayed at the Santa Barbara there was a violent robbery of the jeweler store inside the hotel.

Also reading the news, it is not the most safe destination in the world. Still we believe we normal precaution you should not have any safety concerns. 

We would not advise to go during the night into dark and quite area. Just to be save; use a taxi at night.

Curacao Caribbean


Due to the location of Curacao, there is no risk of hurricanes and it also does not have a rainy season you see in other destinations in the Caribbean.

In terms of sunshine it is a safe destination the whole year round. Temperatures are very stable around 30 ℃ (86 °F).

From this perspective there are not high and low season. It might only be busier during school holiday periods.

Beautiful white, sandy beaches and turquoise water and a laid-back atmosphere. Read also about Aruba on the Real Travel Blog.

Curacao Caribbean

Getting to Curacao Caribbean

As we visited Aruba and Curacao in the same time, we booked a ticket with KLM AMS-Cur-ARU and booked separate hotels.

From Amsterdam you have direct flights, which take about 10 hours. Connecting flight have normally not the best routing. Most of the flights connect in the USA, which adds a lot of travelling time. Also don`t forget that when you connect your flight in the USA you have to clear customs, which can take quite some time.

Custom clearance in Curacao is fast. The officials at the airport seem also relaxed and did not ask any question.

When arriving back in Amsterdam there is most of the time a 100% check at customs. This because it is seen as a notorious drug smuggling route. This can be annoying after a long flight.

If you book a bit in advance you can find very reasonable prices. Companies flying to Curacao are for example KLM, TUI. From North America Westjet is offering direct flights to Curacao.

Curacao Caribbean

Culture & People

Curacao is what you can expect in the Caribbean. It is a more laid-back lifestyle. You must adjust to this, and don`t expect things to be like in Europe or North America.

Relax, and take it easy like most of the local people are doing it.

Most tourists are from the Netherlands, and staff working in the tourist industry is either local but there are also many from Venezuela.

Curacao Caribbean
Curacao Caribbean
Curacao Caribbean

We very much liked our vacation in Curacao Caribbean. Especially with the combination of 1-week Curacao and 1-week Aruba.

Would we go back?

Most likely not. Both islands are not too big and in 1 week you can see all the highlights on both islands. The beaches are perfect, and the big plus is that these islands have a better infrastructure and are more developed than other islands in the Caribbean. This makes it that you can around and visit and see some places.

For just a sun and beach vacation, the island is rather expensive. All-inclusive hotels are not widely spread and the one we stayed was not of good quality but still a premium price. For the same amount you find in other locations very good and luxury hotels.

The beaches and scenery are not as for example in Fernando de Noronha Brazil, were we would like to go back. If you just want to enjoy the beach and sun, then places like Playa del Carmen, Cancun beach or Cabo san Lucas are more affordable, and you will get way better hotels for the same price.