Egypt is in our opinion a good destination when you are looking for a lazy beach vacation, and don`t want to have a too long of a flight when coming from Europe.

Beaches are nice, the sea is blue and warm, you can do a good snorkeling. We are not particularly a fan of the hassle when you go outside of the hotel, where everybody tries to sell you something.


Important things to keep in mind when travelling to Egypt:

  • Tripadvisor. A 5 star hotel in Egypt does not say too much, as it can be a really disappointing experience. To go safe the best is to stay at one of the big chains (Hilton, Marriot, Intercontinental etc.). This at least guarantees you a certain standard.
  • When you travel in Autumn or spring, make sure the pool at your hotel is heated. Pools can be freezing cold, and when the weather it not too hot, it can get chilly.
  • Bring your own sun cream or buy at the hotel. We bought locally at a store, and it was fake. This can give a bad surprise after staying the whole day in the sun.
  • The best is to for an All-inclusive. Normally you don`t pay much extra, and options outside can be limited.
  • If you book a snorkeling trip, it is better not to go for the cheapest option. Cheap options can get really crowded on board, and if you go for a full day it is at least nice to have a place to sit.
Pyramids at Giza Egypt

Our first visit to Egypt was to Sharm el Sheikh, in the South Sinai. In fact it was one of our first vacations together. The sea and beach are amazing, but the hotel was not. After this vacation we don`t go anywhere anymore without doing our research. 

Our visit to Cairo was impressive. We were a bit reluctant to go because of the unstable political situation. However, once we were in Cairo we enjoyed it very much. Going on the Tahir Square between the tanks was an exiting excperience. Read everything about Cairo Egypt.

Hurghada gives a more authentic feeling of Egypt. Although the hotels are outside the city of Hurghada, visiting the city of Hurghada will give you a good feeling of how Egypt is. 

Are you looking for a destination where you can just relax, than Hurghada can be a good option. Prices of the hotels are incredible low at the moment.