Fernando de Noronha – Paradise on earth

Fernando de Noronha Brazil

Fernando de Noronha Brazil

Did you hear about Fernando de Noronha Brazil? We did not untill a Brazlian pointed us on  Fernando de Noronha Brazil.  It is a gem in Brazil, but not too much advertised to foreign tourists. It is an Island which can only be reached by plane. There are direct flights from eith Natal or Recife.  The area of Fernando de Noronha Brazil is well protected.

On some beaches just a limited number of people are allowed. Also on the total Island a maximum number of tourists are allowed. This makes that it is well preserved, and is not getting crowded. 

If you have the chance of going here, make sure you will take it. You will definatly not regret it! Rent a buggy, and explore the Island and the best beaches in the world!

Fernando de Noronha Brazil

Fernando de Noronha Brazil. The beaches on Fernando de Noronha are on a lot of websites named as the best in the world. And we simply have to agree on that.

Some of the beaches are a bit difficult to reach, but it is amazing. And most of the time the more difficult to reach, the more beautiful it is. For some of the beaches you need to an entrance pass. This is well spent money, as this will bring you to the nices places on the Island.

The entrance fee makes that the nature and marine life is also well taken care off. As we were making a roundtrip around Brazil we did not have too much time on the Island, and looking back we maybe should have planned more time over here.

Fernando de Noronha

Things to keep in mind

  • In order to really enjoy, you should rent a buggy for the length of your stay (B$ 200 by day). Taxis are available and work with fixed fairs, but in isolated areas it might be difficult to get one as you need to find somebody needs to call one for you. As you will need taxi`s for all places you want to go, it will become a bit expensive. And on top, driving the buggy is really fun. Make sure that it is one of the 1st things you arrange when you arrive, as in case the Island is full, a buggy may not be instantly available.
  • There are a limited number of rooms available on the Island and occupancy is almost always high. This also makes prices relatively high. We made the mistake to book short in advance, which made us pay a relatively high price for a basic accommodation. However, if you book like 6 – 12 months in advance you will find nice pousadas for reasonable prices.
  • Language can sometimes be an issue, but as almost everywhere in Brazil you will find somebody who speaks English and will help you out with translating.
  • Don`t expect a cheap vacation in Fernando de Noronha. You need to pay an entrance tax, which is based on your length of stay (for 5 nights is around B$ 250). To access the beaches in the natural parks, you will need to pay another tax (B$ 130 for foreigners).
  • There is a protected area, where limited snorkeling is possible. However, you need to book in advance in order to get a chance to snorkel here. It can take up to a week in order to find your slot. One of the first things to do when arriving is to sign up for this. Or even better, see if the Pousada you are staying can arrange it for you, before you arrive. Unfortunately, we did not manage to get in, which leaves another good reason to go back.
Fernando de Noronha quiet beach
Stairs to reach the beach in Fernando de Noronha

Accommodation. In Fernando de Noronha Brazil You will not find big scale hotels, and for sure not any kind of chain. Almost all accommodation is in terms of the so called Pousadas. A Pousada is what we call Europeans a pension. There is a large variety, from very basic to quite luxury with swimming pool.

As the number of tourists allowed on the island is fixed and therefore also the number of Pousadas, booking in advance is highly recommended. As mentioned before, we did not do this which did not leave us a big choice. It would be good to avoid the Brazilian Holidays, as tourists on the Island are most likely >90% Brazilians. Avoiding these periods will improve your choice of Pousadas and at a better price.

Food & drinks. Fernando de Noronha is not the place for a buzzling nightlife. Centrally on the Island you find an area with about 8 – 10 restaurants and then scattered around the Island you find some more. In the central part of the Island you have a decent choice of various kitchens. Prices are a bit higher than on the main land, which is normal, but still quite reasonable.

A good restaurant with a nice setting you will find at the Praia do Porto De Santo Antonio.

On other beaches you find some basic places where you can enjoy a Caipirinha. Praia do Boldro has a bit a bit a bigger restaurant, but not advisable in our opinion. It is full of mosquitos and flies.

Fernano de Noronha Brazil

Safety. All safety concerns for Brazil do not apply for Fernando de Noronha. It is a safe statement that it is most likely one of the most safest beach destinations in the world. To illustrate htis; at the Pousada we stayed, doors were just kept open at night, with a MacBook in sight and no security on the premisses.

Everybody entering and leaving the Island is registered and on top the local community is quite small, depending on turism. 

Fernando de Noronha. Real picture, no photoshop

Fernando de Noronha.


Things not to miss. This is all about the beaches and scenery:

  • Praia do Sanchos. Beautiful beach, but a bit hard to reach. After parking the Buggy there is a walk of about 15 minutes, and then you need to through very narrow stairs down to the beach. As you cannot pass each other on the stairs, you might have to wait a bit, when people come from the other direction. However, it is absolutely worth the effort. It is difficult to find shade on the beach, so if you are sensitive to the sun, it is better to avoid the time around noon and not to forget you water and sunblock. We did do some snorkeling, but did not see too much. This beach is more for the scenery and relaxing.
  • Praia dos Porcos. To access this beach, you need to go through the general beach access on Praia da Cacimba, and then climb some rocks to access Praia dos Porcos. As we were here on our day of departure, we did not have much time to spend here, but it looks amazing and would have loved to spent more time here.
  • Miranta dos Golfinhos. This is a resting area for Dolphins. They arrive here early in the morning after being the whole night out at sea. As it is a protected area, you are not allowed to swim here as it is meant to be a relax area for the Dolphins. The number of Dolphins present vary a lot, but it can be up to a couple of hundred. Sometime you see them playing and jumping. You cannot get to close, but still it is a place not to miss.

Another beach in Fernando de Noronha

Another beach in Fernando de Noronha

Getting there. Fernando de Noronha can be reached by short flights (about 1 hour)  from either Natal or Recife. There are no international flights and prices vary a lot. Before planning your trip, it is good to verify prices of the flights. A return trip from Recife can be as cheap as 135€ but can also be 600€. So, it is worth doing your research. We took a flight from Recife to Fernando de Noronha. As wee had an early flight, we stayed one night in Recife. We were happy that we had just one night there, as this is definatly not the place to spent your vacation. As mentioned many times, but we cannot stress enough, stay away from the big cities as you want to have a nice beach vacation. With the exception of Rio de Janeiro

Weather. As it is close to the equator there is not much difference in temperature between summer and winter, with like a steady 28 degrees. The chance of rain is higher during the winter from April to June, but it does not get cold. As there is always a breeze on the Island, temperatures stay comfortable.

From the Real Travel Blog, Fernando de Noronha is one of our favorite places we have been. As mentioned, we did not have to much time to spent on Fernando de Noronha. Our next stop Praia da Pipa