Enjoying the beach on Florida Keys


Florida is a large state with a lot of options to spend your vacation.

Miami is the most famous city in Florida, but there are many more interesting places in Florida.


Just staying in Miami while you are in Florida is a petty in our opinion. Places like Fort Lauderdale, Florida Keys or cities on the west coast like for example Naples are more than worth a stay.

In general, it is inexpensive to rent a car in the United States. In opinion it is a must to have a car, unless you plan to stay your entire vacation on South Beach.

Public transport is not to great, and as distances are big, taxi`s will get expensive. Uber might be an option, but still using it continuously can also get expensive.

We changed location every few days, to see the maximum of Florida. We booked our hotels when we were in Florida, so that we had maximum flexibility.

Things not to miss:

  • Rent a car and drive down the Florida Keys, towards Key West. You can do it in one day, but we would advise to take an overnight stay in Key West.
  • A hovercraft tour through the Everglades to see the alligators.
  • Shopping. There are many outlet malls, so make sure you have some space in your suitcase.
  • A night out in the Art Deco district in Miami South Beach. 
White sandy beach in Naples


We find hotels in The United States rather expensive, and that is not different in Florida. For a good hotel in Miami South Beach you will pay over $250 a night.

If your main goal to stay on the beach, it would be in our opinion much better to go for example to Cancun beach or Playa del Carmen.

We stayed at quite some different hotels, in different locations. We used entirely the name your own price option at Priceline for this vacation. And we got good deals and great hotels through this option.

In Fort Lauderdale we stayed a few nights at the GALLERYone which a Doubletree hotel is. A great hotel with amazing la large rooms. It is well located, but not directly on the beach.

We drove up till Bonita Springs where we stayed at the Hyatt. A fantastic hotel. They have a nice swimming pool. You can go by boat to the island

Arriving in Miami we stayed at the Sheraton. A little bit away from South Beach, but still a good option.

With using Priceline, we never paid over 100€ a night, which far below the rates you would find online.

Sunset in Miami


In Miami you must be careful not to arrive in the wrong areas. When talking about unsafe cities, people think directly about for example cities in South America. Don`t forget that all major cities in the United States have unsafe areas. Places like Fernando de Noronha Brazil is most likely way safer than a major city in the United States. 

Just make sure that the area where you book your hotel is in a good location.

Glass bottom boat in Florida Keys
he swimmingpool at the Hyatt in Naples
Waiting forr food

What about combining your trip to Florida with for example Las Vegas, Los Angeles or New York?

Cruiseships in Fort Lauderdale

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