We stayed twice in the Hurghada region. One time at Hurghada and a second time at Sahl Hasheesh.

Hurghada is defiantly more conservative than Sharm El Sheikh.

Going in the city center gives you a sense of the real Egyptian life.

Hurghada and Sahl haseesh.

Sahl Haseesh is about an hour from Hurghada. It is an area with a small number of relative new hotels.

You also see quite some construction work which is not finished. Obviously because tourism dropped in Egypt.

It depends what you want to do during your vacation. If your plan is to stay at the beach, we would advise Sahl Haseesh. If you are planning to do more activities, than Hurghada would be better.

Things to keep in mind.

  • It is better to book your trips from your hotel. You will pay a bit more, but you prevent yourself from overcrowded boats.
  • The hotel is quite isolated. To find a restaurant or bar, you either need to take the shuttle or a taxi.

Accommodation Hurghada

We stayed at the Hilton Long Beach, which is a good resort, but nothing fancy. We chose this hotel as normally these kinds of brands guarantee you a certain standard, which was right in this case.  It is about half an hour from the hotel to the center of Hurghada. They have a shuttle bus from the hotel going there. As now you can already book for 1 week including flight for like 500€ it is a very good value for money. They have quite a large swimming pool, and the rooms are ok.

More recent we stayed in Sahl Haseesh in the Baron Palace. A new hotel and very luxurious. When we stayed the occupancy was very low and almost felt as our private hotel.

The staff was extremely helpful.

Food is the best we had in Egypt. With multiple restaurants there is a lot to choose from. They serve premium brands drinks, which is also something not to common in Egypt.

The buffet is extensive. The only thing we had, is that because of low occupancy some items on the buffet were not to fresh after a while. Therefore, it was better to go for dinner early.

However, this hotel we can really advise as it is one of the better in the Hurghada area.


Food & drinks.

As in the direct environment of the Hitlon hotel hotel you don`t have options to go out for dinner. Therefore we booked all-inclusive. Food and drinks served are good, but nothing spectacular.

The Baron Palace in Sahl haseesh was definatly better in terms of food and drinks. But the hotel is also a bit more expensive, but for us definatly worth the extra money. Around the Baron Palace there are a few places where you can go for dinner. In Egypt we just prefer to eat in our hotel, as we don`t like the hassle.


Things change quick, so we cannot say something about the current situation.

However, as the entrance of the Hitlon hotel already had high security at that moment, and the hotel is quite a bit off the main road, staying at the resort should not be a concern.

Overall, we don`t believe you should really be concerned about your safety if you enjoy a beach vacation inside a resort. However, you never know.

As the number of tourist is not as much as it used to be, you attrack more attention. Therefore outside the resorts, we would be a bit careful and avoid going of the main streets.

In case you don`t want to have a to long of a flight from Europe and you want to be sure to have warm weather, especially in spring or autumn it is a good option. 

We personally would like a Abu Dhabi vacation or to see the best at Dubai more, but that is also in a different price range.  We like more the Sharm el Sheikh Egypt area in the South Sinai, but safety concerns are bigger in this  area. You can read everything about these destinations on the Real Travel Blog or on our Facebook page