Las Vegas

Big, bigger, biggest

Las Vegas

Las Vegas is an amazing experience. All the crazy stuff, the different hotels which try to beat each other.

It is difficult to describe Las Vegas in words. You only really know how it is when you have been there!

We loved it. It is a pety it is a long flight for us, otherwise we would for sure go back! Checking out all the theme hotels will already keep you busy for a while. And ofcourse you have to go shopping, as there are many, many shopping options. 

And don`t forget to visit a show or a concert. 

Las vegas is all about entertainment. And that goes on 24/7.  Even you don`t like Casino`s, you will not get bored. There is so much to see and to do. The variety of shows and performances is endless. The nightlife is just crazy.

It is the place where you forget time, and you have no idea anymore whether it is night or day.

Things not to miss

  • All the major hotels are an attraction by itself We tried to visit every day another hotel, or casino. So has the MGM the tiger cage, you have Venetian in Venetian style and so on.
  • For the shopping fans there are many options. A bit more outside of the city you have 2 outlet malls. The Las Vegas North Premium Outlets is a must go. Even if you are not a to big of a shopper, you will find great deals here.  This outlet can be reached by public bus from the Las Vegas strip.
  • You must go at least once to one of the many shows. There are so many options that there will always be something you will like.
  • A dinner at the top of the Stratosphere is a real experience. The rotating restaurant on top the hotel gives you amazing views of Las Vegas.
The famous Bellagio hotel


It is not a secret that there is no lack of hotels in Las Vegas. The choice is from basic and cheap until extremely luxury and expensive.

In our opinion a hotel directly on the Las Vegas strip is a must. It is not only convenient, but it adds to the experience. The Las Vegas strip hotels are huge. The ground floor will be the casino floor. And these casino floors are not to compare to any casino in Europe. We more than once got kind of lost, to find our room.

We stayed at the Planet Hollywood hotel, which has a superb location. If you are lucky, you will have a view on the Bellagio fountains, which is just amazing. The hotel is huge, and you might get lost a few times. Although the rooms could use some updates or at least be freshened up, we liked the hotel. The rooms are quite large, beds are comfortable, and the location is unbeatable.

We also stayed at the MGM grand. Pure from a hotel point of view, this hotel is better. The rooms and overall looks a bit newer and has a more “fresh” look. The location is a bit more towards the airport, but still on the Las Vegas strip. You can walk down the strip, but to for example the Bellagio it will be about 20 minutes’ walk. Maybe it does not sound too long, but during the summer this is quite a walk.

On the other hand, there are regular busses going up and down the Las Vega strip, which is quite convenient.

Las Vegas by night


Safety around the Las Vegas strip does not seem an issue. However, off the strip and if you get engaged into some illegal stuff it can be a different story. Safety is completely up to you, if you stick to the rules and the central areas there is nothing to worry about. Or maybe the only worry is not to lose to much in the casino`s.

Getting there

The Las Vegas airport can be reached from many cities inside and outside the United States. However, it is a long flight from Europe, and most flight will have a stopover.

From Europe, door to door you night to count on

The good thing is that the Las Vegas airport is good located towards the Las Vegas strip. It will take you just like a 10 – 15 minutes to arrive on the Las Vega strip

No lack of nightclubs in Las Vegas


The summer in Las Vegas is very, very hot. On top the humidity is very low. During the daytime it is just not pleasant outside.

Winters can also get quite cold, with the dry desert air. Especially at night you will need a warm coat.

We visited during the month of November. In the daytime the temperature was quite pleasant, but once the sun was going down it got quite cold.

Spring, or late summer, or early autumn ae the best times to visit Las Vegas. In these periods you can enjoy during day the swimming pool and at night all the entertainment options.

On the way to Los Angeles

Culture and people

If you are looking for cultural activities, Las Vegas is not the place for you. It is all about entertainment, and almost all people are tourists looking for a fun time in Las Vegas.

Food and drinks

From fast food to expensive and fancy hotels, you can find everything in Las Vegas. It depends on your budget, but it is a good place to have some nice dinners. As already mentioned the restaurant on the top of the Stratosphere is a real nice experience. In terms of food maybe not top of the bill, but the views more than compensate for that.

Amazing views from the Stratosphere
On top of the Stratosphere
Canals at the Venetian hotel
On the walking bridge
Tiger cage inside the MGM

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