Kuredu Island Resort

Maldives Island

Maldives island Kuredu.

The Maldives island Kuredu is absolutely beautiful, and therefore one our favorites.

Very good and large selection of restaurants and bars with stunning views, an incredible sandbank and beautiful beaches. That is what you can expect at the Maldives island Kuredu.

Read everything about the Maldives island Kuredu.

Maldives island

The Maldives island Kuredu

The Island is quite large, and after a few days doing the walking you will start using the buggy`s to go around. You can order these from your room or one of the receptions or bars.

The only thing is that at for example closing time of a bar or when the band finishes you might have to wait quite a bit to get a buggy.

You have to wake up at least once in the early in the morning to go to the sandbank at the end of this island. You will make here the best pictures ever.

In terms of snorkeling, directly off the beach it is not the best place. Here we liked the Maldives resort Chayaa Ellaidhoo and the Kuramati at the Ari Atoll better.

In terms of beaches, this is one of the better island we visited.

One of the highlight during our stay was the full day snorkeling trip.

Avoid the specific Dolphin watching tour which lasts for about an hour. We made three trips and the only one time we did not see any Dolphin, was the Dolphin watching trip…

The price is $50 for an hour trip, and of course you are looking for wild life and there is no guarantee. But they could have done something more to spot dolphins.

Maldives Island

As with for example the sunset tour that was included in our package we saw many Dolphins,

With the full day snorkeling tour we already run into a school of Dolphins within 10 minutes.

During the day we saw many more Dolhpins. It should not be too difficult to spot Dolphins.

Sometimes you can even spot them right from the beach, although they stay pretty far from the beach.

Maldives Island

Maldives island Kuredu accommodation.

The Island is divided in different parts. We stayed at the so called “O-resort”. The beach bungalow was spacious with your own private space on the beach.

There are different categories, from garden bungalows to the most luxury private pool villa`s. We would advice not to book the garden bungalows. These are not direct on the beach, which takes out a big part of the Maldives feeling. With these garden bungalows you also don`t have the private space on the beach.

In terms of Entertainment this was one of the best. First, there are multiple bars, and there is a nice program of live music.

The different bars have different programs, so you can pick every night something you like the most.

The only downside is that there are no umbrella`s around the pool. This makes it very hard to find shade during the middle of the day and as the sun is strong, shade is not a luxury. We asked for it at the reception, but they said it was there policy.

There are different swimming pools, of which a few are adult only. This is ideal if you have no kids and want to have maximum relaxation.

As said the island is large. After a few days of walking, the buggies are ideal to get around the island and is a nice service.

Maldives Island

Our beach villa at the Maldives island Kuredu. We loved hanging out here.

Especially after a long day of snorkling it is ideal to hang out on your own private space. 

And what is better, than waking up in the morning relax on your beach chair with your morning coffee enjoying the views?

Or find some shade in front of your villa, watching the Indian Ocean.

Maldives Island

Food & drinks

The all-inclusive is very good. Both drinks and buffets were excellent. Don`t miss the fresh fruit station where they cut all kind of exotic fruits for you. And these foods are the most tasty we ever experienced.

You get allocated a specific restaurant, but you can make reservations at other restaurants. We advise to do this. It gives a bit more variation, and most of the restaurants have stunning views.

Our main restaurant had the best setting we ever experienced, overlooking the Indian Ocean.

Make sure you speak to one of the waiters at the first day of your holiday in order to get a nice spot with the best view.
They tend to give you a standard table during your stay, but you can ask them to get a better place.

Did you see ever a place with better views to enjoy a cold drink or cocktail?

Maldives Island

No need to say that this was one of our favourite place Kuredu.

Overal the food, drinks and the restaurants by itself are of high quality We had nothing to complain about it.

The option to have your dinner our breakfast at another than the dedicated restaurants is nice if you have a longer vacation. We did not have this option during other stays in the Maldives.

For example at the royal island resort maldives we had just one restaurant. 

We are still thinking about this place and miss it!

Maldives Island

Getting to the Maldives island Kuredu.

The only option to arrive from the airport to the Kuredu island resort is by seaplane. This flight takes about 40 minutes.

How long you must wait, depends on how lucky you are. Guests from different arrivals and resorts are combined into a seaplane flight.

We had to wait like 1,5 hours after completing immigration for our seaplane flight to depart. This is a bit on the long side. After all, we already had quite a long trip, so you want to arrive as soon as you can at the resort.

Maldives Island
Maldives Island

We saw a Manta  Ray!

Our main purpose of the full day snorkeling trip was to see Manta Rays.

The snorkel guide is trying to spot them from the boat in several places where manta rays usually are.

We were not lucky to spot any Manta Ray on this places. But our luck changed, we made a random stop for lunch and according to the guide there was not much to see on that spot. We decided to go for a swim while waiting to continue the trip.

And guess what, by jumping into the water we almost jumped on a Manta Ray and a second one appeared.

Really an incredible experience to see these huge animals, moving very slowly through the water. Unfortunately, as we were not expecting this we did not take our camera into the water.

At first we thought it was a stingray, but turned out to be a Manta Ray. According to the guide we were the first ones who thought that mistaked a Manta Ray for a stingray. The other way around happenes a lot:-) 


Maldives Island
Maldives Island
Maldives Island