Chaaya Reef Ellaidhoo

Maldives resort

Maldives resort

There are so many, which one to choose. This time our Maldives Resort was the Chayaa Reef Ellaidhoo resort.

In terms of the resort not the nicest we stayed. We like for example Kuramati at the Kuramati Island resort, Ari Atoll better, but in terms of snorkeling absolutely amazing.

Read about our vacation at the Maldives resorst Chayaa Reef Ellaidhoo.

Maldives resort Chaaya Reef Ellaidhoo

Although the coral seems pretty much dead, there is an abundance of fish. Especially in the back of the water bungalows at the corner of the Island, snorkeling is amazing.

There are huge schools of fish passing you which does not seems to end. On top there are also some more rare species we saw here. For example, Turtles, Stingrays and Murrays.

Things to keep in mind

Always make sure what are the times a transfer from your Madives resort is possible. And check that it is possible to connect with your flights. We heard stories of people have a late at night flight, who were already dropped early afternoon at the airport. This can be an unpleasant end of your vacation.

You cannot upfront make 100% sure that you will not end up in a similar situation, as schedules can change. Especially during a more quiet period, more hotel guests are combined into the same transfer, which makes the chance that you have to spent excessive time on the airport bigger.

Snorkeling at the Maldives resort Chayaa Reef Ellaidhoo

Maldives resort Chayaa Reef Ellaidhoo


The Island is rather small, which is fine for a shorter stay. However, after a week you might get a bit bored as the number of restaurants and bars is limited.

We stayed in a water bungalow at the Chayaa Reef Ellaidho, which is in our opinion not really worth the extra money.

Mainly because you cannot go into the sea from your bungalow into the sea, and still must walk to the beach.

On arrival the water bungalows were overbooked and therefore we had to stay in a beach villa for the 1st night. After some tough negotiations, we got compensated by 2 diners on the beach and return by seaplane instead of the speedboat. Overbooking seems to happen more, so just stay firm in case it happens to you.

The seaplane transfer is advisable as the speedboat trip is long and after a long flight you just want to arrive as quickly as possible at your Maldives resort.

Maldives resort


Once you are at the beach or at the swimming pool, safety does not even come up in your mind. Even the small crime is very rare at the Maldives.

Only when you go out in the sea, you must keep some simple things in mind:

Don`t touch the coral. It can heart bad, and moreover as there is not much coral left don`t harm it. Coral is alive and should stay like this.

Don`t chase the fish. Most of the fish is harmless, but there are some species which can be territorial. And after all, in our opinion we are the guests in the territory of the fish and we should respect that. We really hate it if sometimes you see people chasing like for example turtles. Just watch them but leave them alone.

Maldives resort
Maldives resort
Maldives resort


We were on this Island in May during the rainy season, the sea was quite rough as there was a storm approaching. Overall, we had quite some days with rain, mostly in the afternoon but had plenty of time to do snorkeling.

However, we heard from other people on the Island that the week before we arrived there were like 3-4 days of continues rain and thunderstorms.

The period May - November is the wet season. The big advantage is that prices are considerable lower. But it is a gamble in terms of weather. The chance that you will have rain during your vacation in high. The questions is how much?

Is it just a few showers in the afternoon for a couple of days? In this case the lower prices is absolutely worth it.

Are you unlucky and do you have multiple days of rain in a row? This could ruin your vacation for a big part.

Another advantage of rainy or cloudy days is that visibility will be less. Nice sunny days will give you a much better visibility.

Another question you must answer yourself, is the main reason of your visit of the Maldives. In different locations in different periods you can spot different species in the Maldives.

The chance of seeing Hammerhead sharks in more shallow waters is higher during the rainy season. So if you want to see Hammerhead sharks, the rainy season might the best period for you.

The period for spotting Manta rays, for which the Maldives Island Kuredu is one of the better spots, starts in September. Still the rainy season. However, if you have luck to see one or more Manta Rays you will quickly forget about the rain.

Maldives resort

Culture and people

The Maldives is not the destination if you are looking for a cultural vacation. You can make a day trip to a local fisherman island and eventually you can visit the capital city Male. But that is pretty much it.

The rest is beach and sea. But it is in our opinion one of the best destinations for sea and beach in the world.

The staff is mainly from Sri Lanka and the neighboring Maldives Islands. These people are all very friendly and deliver good service.

Tourists are very mixed. The majority we would say is from the United Kingdom, Germany and Asia. The Asians we would guess it is mainly China and Japan. But there also quite some expats from the Middle East, which is a mix of nationalities.

Maldives resort

Getting to the Maldives resort Chayaa Reef Ellaidhoo.

The arrival at Male airport is the most impressive arrival in the world. Overlooking all the small Island with the turquoise waters brings you directly in the right vacation mood.

The flights from Europe are roughly 10 hours. For direct flight there are not many options. Most of the time you must switch planes somewhere in the Middle East. But this this maybe also a good option to see the best at Dubai or plan a short Abu Dhabi vacation.

An advantage of the stop over in the Middle East is that you can fly with airlines like Emirates or Etihad. These airlines are in our opinion the best airlines in terms of service, food & drinks and onboard entertainment.

Therefore, we don`t find it a problem at all to switch planes in the Middle East.

After arrival in Male, you either need to take a boat to the Chayaa Reef Ellaidhoo. The boat trip will take about 1,5 up till 2 hours depending on the sea condition. With waiting time and going to the boat you must add another 3 hours after your arrival before you will be at the beach.

The seaplane is off course way faster and an incredible experience, with amazing views of the Maldives. But it will also cost you extra. It depends a bit but prices of $300 for a return by seaplane is not uncommon.

View from the seaplan

Maldives resort

Food and drinks at the Maldives resort Chayaa Ellaidhoo.

The food is of good quality at the Maldives resort Chayaa Ellaidhoo. As guest of the water bungalows you have a designated restaurant, where you will have all your meals.

Every day there will be a different theme buffet. Although Asian food is prevalent, but that is normal as you are in Asia. The restaurant is small, but has a nice setting overlooking the water bungalows. We choose the all-inclusive option as we also do and advise in the Maldives. 

As the island is small, there are not many options to enjoy your cocktail at night. You will end up at the same place.

For a shorter vacation this is perfectly fine, but after some time wee got a bit bored of it. At for example Kuramathi at the Ari Atoll or the Maldives Island Kuredu, you have more variation.