Mexico places to visit

Mexico places to visit

As it is a large country, what are the best mexico places to visit?

You can choose from many beautiful beaches, incredible nature and scenery but also a lof historical places to visit.

Places we have vsited in Mexico are Cabo San Lucas, Cancun beach and Playa del Carmen.

Mexico places to visit

Mexico is an ideal vacation country to combine a beach vacation and to visit some amazing sites such as the Maya Ruins. The beaches are amazing in Mexico. If you just want a relaxing beach vacation, then Mexico could be your choice.

The times we visited Mexico we were quite exhausted and spent most of the time on the beach. We also had a lay-over in Mexico City for one night. This would not be a city to spend your vacation. It is very crowed, has a high pollution and safety is of a concern. A one-day tour of Mexico city should do it, and then it is on our opinion better to go to another, more beautiful place in Mexico.

Our first stay was in Cancun beach. The tourist hotels are all on the hotel strip in Cancun. In fact, you can almost see it as a different city. Read everything about Cancun. The city of Cancun is not worth spending a lot of time. If you ant to have an idea of how a Mexican city looks like, you can go to visit for a day.

The roads through the hotel strip are heavily guarded. Going out of the hotel strips require that you are more careful. It is a different story, and it would be better to limit your visit to the city during daylight.

Are you looking for broader and more tranquiller beaches and is nightlife not on of your priorities, than Playa Del Carmen is a good option for you.

Playa del Carmen is not to far from the airport in Cancun and is easy to reach.

Cabo San Lucas is for Europeans a longer flight as it is on the West coast. It is defiantly less busy than for example Cancun. It feels more like an exclusive vacation destination. It has beautiful scenery, which you might know from the move “Sex in the City” which was partly taped in Cabo San Lucas.

Overall, we like Mexico. It has good standard of hotels, a good climate (warm, but not to hot).

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Mexico places to visit