New York

Times Square by day

New York

New York is maybe the most famous city in the world. Who does not know the statue of liberty or central park?

In our opinion one of these cities you should visit at least once in your life! There are so many landmarks, which you will recognize from the tv, internet or newspaper. But to see all this in reality makes a huge difference.

Whenever you have the chance to visit New York, you should take it. Most people love the city, but there are also people wh don`t like it. In our opinion is a visit of New York a must when you are in the United States. Offcourse it is a extremly busy city, but it is also an impressive city.

We should not spent like a whole week in New York, but we in general don`t want to spent more than 3 days in any city. Cities where you have a beach like Dubai or Abu Dhabi excluded. This because we are not people who enjoy visiting musea. We want to see the highlights of a city and then 3 days is enough.

Things not to miss

  • The statue of liberty to be reached by ferry is an absolute must.
  • A lazy afternoon in Central Park, wondering around watching the people and the squirrels.
  • The empire state building, to have the best view on New York.
  • Times square, where you can also visit one of the many shows in the theaters.

The Brooklyn Bridge

The Brooklyn Bridge New York



Hotels are expensive in New York, but this is most likely not a surprise. As it is with more big cities where space is scarce and expensive, don`t expect large hotel rooms in New York. In fact, it is the opposite, most likely the smallest hotel rooms we have ever seen.

The best is to look for a decent hotel, on a good location. Preferable close to a subway station, what makes it easier to explore the city. For fancy hotels, there are better cities in the world. In New York you need to have a large budget to find a fancy hotel.

Places we stayed are the Hilton Millennium, close to the former location of the twin towers. This in fact is a pretty good hotel. The only thing is that at night, it is quiet on the streets. It is more an area where people work and not live.

Another hotel is the Grand Hyatt New York, where we got a very good deal through Priceline. This hotel has a superb location, close to the empire state building and the grand central station. The hotel by itself is not really what you might expect from a Grand Hyatt.

Central Park
A boat ride in Central Park
More Times Square


New York as any other large city has its safety issues. This means you have to take the normal precautions. At night it is better to stay in the more busy areas of the city and maybe better to use a taxi or Uber instead of public transport.

As in many big cities, the more unsafe areas are outside the city center where you have a tourist no interest to go.


Getting there

With multiple large airports around it is very easy to get there. The only thing is that the JFK and Newark airport are pretty far from Manhattan. Especially around rush hour it can take you quite a while to arrive in Manhattan.

Times Square


Christmas is a busy, but nice period to visit New York with all the Christmas decorations. On the other hand, it can be cold, or even very cold. Also chances of snow are big during the winter. Summers can also be hot, especially for a city trip. In our opinion the best period, by far, is spring. With a comfortable temperature and tress blossoming this should be the period to visit New York.

View from the Hudson

People and culture

People living in New York strongly believe that it is the best and most exciting city in the world. And they also don`t hesitate to express this. They can even feel a bit superior because they are from New York.

On the other hand, they have the typical attitude of an American, to show interest in where you are from. Some people think it is fake, but we like the openness of the people.

Food and drinks

New York is an expensive city. It depends on yourself how expensive you want to make it. A dinner or some cocktails in fancy, popular or touristic places are cutting a whole in your budget.

On the other hand, you can still find places which are more than affordable.

And don`t forget the tipping. Just add 20% on top of the prices listed on a menu, because that is at the end what you are going to pay.

Staue of Liberty at sunset

As mentioned before, we would not spent a whole vacation in New York. But New York gives a lot of options to combine with othere interesting destinations in the United States. Some of our suggestions are Las Vegas, Los Angeles or Florida.

View from the Empire State Building

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