Praia da Pipa

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Praia da Pipa

Praia da Pipa is not well known with Non-Brazilians as vacation destination. 

Most European tourists go to bigger cities like Fortaleza or Natal. In our opinion this is a mistake.

The beaches outside the major cities are much nicer.

Praia da Pipa

At the end of our vacation we stayed 5 nights in Praia da Pipa, with as main purpose relax on the beach. Praia da Pipa is a smaller village in the Natal area, mainly frequented by Brazilians.

There are a number of beaches, but the ones in the center of the village are not the nicest.

However, a walk over the beach to the Baia dos Golfinhos (watch the tides, ot to get stuck here), brings you to a tranquilly beach with crystal clear waters.

There seems to be Dolphins around, but we did not spot them. Praia da Pipa has a nice mix of beaches, restaurants and bars with a relaxed atmosphere.

Things not to miss.

Praia da Pipa is about relaxing and enjoying the evening with a nice dinner and cocktail. There are offered like sightseeing and fishing trips, but we did not do any of these, as we already saw and did a lot in our previous locations, like for example Fernando de Noronha Brazil and Rio de Janeiro

Our experiences in these locations you can also read on the Real Travel Blog.

The best cocktails in the world!

Praia da Pipa

Beach in central Praia da Pipa

Beach in central Praia da Pipa

Things to keep in mind

  • Praia da Pipa is popular destination for Brazilians, and as the number of available hotel rooms is not too big, going here during Brazilian holidays will require booking in advance.
  • As it is all year round warm, going in the off season winter period, will give good deals on hotels rooms. If you are looking for exciting nightlife, it will be quiet during this period especially outside the weekend.
The beach in Praia da Pipa


We stayed at the Sombra e Água Fresca, Hotel - Resort - SPA.

This was most likely the best choice we could have made. It is a 10 minutes’ walk from the central area of Pipa, which is good as the central area can get quite crowded.

The hotel is made out of bungalows, which are very spacious well maintained and have a nice terrace. A nice asset are the monkey`s around. The first day we got excited to spot a monkey, but after buying some cookies we were surrounded by them, and made some new friends.

The swimming pool is quite big, and as the hotel was quiet there was plenty of space and plenty of sunbeds.

Praia da Pipa is popular destination for Brazilians, and as the number of available hotel rooms is not too big, going here during Brazilian holidays will require booking in advance.

Our new friend in Praia da Pipa

Our new friend in Praia da Pipa

Food & drinks.

The center of Praia da Pipa has a lot of bars and restaurants. We found some really good restaurants with a nice atmosphere. Nightlife seems also to be good, but as we were off season it was a bit quite, except for the weekend. The staff is very friendly, and some basic English is spoken in most places.

One evening, we did not have cash, and due to some issues with the telephone lines our credit card was also not working. The owner of the restaurant told us not worry, and we could just leave the name of our hotel and come back the next day to settle our bill. At the end we found an ATM which was working, so that we could settle our bill.

Could you imagine in any other country that they would made this offer?

Praia da Pipa

Getting there.

We rented a car from Natal Airport and drove up to Praia da Pipa, which is about 1,5 hours’ drive.

We arrived after dark, which is better to be avoided. Roads are not always that good and therefore it is better to drive by daylight. When we were in Praia da Pipa there seems to be many minivans available offering rides to the airport in Natal. So, If you don`t feel like driving, there ae plenty of alternatives available.

Praia da Pipa


We had to walk about 10 minutes to the center, of which the first part in kind of dark deserted street. We made this walk every night, and did not feel unsecure.

In the center it feels very safe, and people are very friendly.


As it is close to the equator there is not much difference in temperature between summer and winter, with like a steady 28 degrees. The chance of rain is higher during the winter from April to June, but it does not get cold.