Royal Island resort & Spa

Royal Island resort Maldives

Royal Island resort Maldives

The Royal Island resort Maldives, was the third Island we visited in the Maldives. 

Although you know a bit what to expect, it is always a great feeling arriving in the Maldives.

There are not many places which can beat the beach. Not to speak about snorkeling, it is simply the best around the Maldives.  

Royal Island resort Maldives  

 This Island we visited during April 2012. It is advertised as a 5 star resort, but this is in our opinion overrated.

Overall the Island is nice, the beach bungalow we had was also spacious, but for example toilets at the pool were extremely dirty.

The Island was very quiet during our stay, which made for example that the swim-up bar was not always occupied with a bar tender. In terms of sea life we believe this was not the best resort.

However, this means still way better than you will ever find in for example the Caribbean. One of the best experiences during the snorkeling is that we met a group of stingrays. As we were more or less swimming head to head, a bit scary but an amazing experience.

The price for which you can  book this hotel should ring a bell that it is not a 5 star standard. It is way cheaper than all other 5 star resorts, and is in fact one of the cheaper options if you select on 4 and 5 star resorts. Given this price, it is a very good option to spent a vacation in the Maldives.

For example the Kuramati at the Ari Atoll or the Maldives island Kuredu, of which you can also read on the Real Travel Blog are significant more expensive. 

Royal Island resort Maldives
Royal Island resort Maldives

Things to keep in mind

  • Like it happens in many places in the Maldives, you will get assigned your own table in the restaurant for your whole stay. If you don`t like the place you are assigned, ask in an early stage of your vacation for the nicest spot. It might take a few days before you can get it, as first other guests need to leave.
  • The night entertainment is very limited at this Island and is almost not existent.
Royal Island resort Maldives


Overall the Island is nice, the beach bungalow we had was also spacious, with an outside space to relax. It is just a few steps and you are on the beach.

Also, the outside shower in the back garden which you see a lot in the Maldives is not missing.

Maybe it was because that it was very quiet on the island, but overall maintenance could have been a bit better. For example, toilets at the pool were extremely dirty.

The pool is very nice located on the beach. We always enjoy after getting out of the salty water, to use the sweet water pool and enjoy a drink. For that, this swimming pool is ideal.

Don`t expect the luxury of a 5-star hotel. It is a decent resort, where you can have a nice relaxing vacation.

Royal Island resort Maldives
Royal Island resort Maldives

Getting there.

After arriving in Male you either need to take a domestic flight and go from the local airport like 10 minutes by speedboat, or take a sea plane.

Speedboat is not an option for the Royal Island resort Maldives as it is like 120 kilometers from Male airport.

Before you book your vacation make sure the transfer is included. If not, you can easily add another $300 by person just for the transfer.

Royal Island resort Maldives


We had the weather you might expect from April, some rain and showers but still plenty of time for the beach. Everything regarding weather you can read on The Maldives

If you go in the period April - October it is a hit and miss. Waiting for a lastminute, so that you can see the latest weather forecast might be a good idea. Still then, the weather forecast is not always accurate. 

It is a tradeoff you make between lower prices and more unpredictable or rainy weather. 

Royal Island resort Maldives


Sit back, relax and don`t worry about anything. That is how you will experience the Royal Island resort Maldives.

The only precaution you need to take is during snorkeling or diving. Don`t touch the coral, as it will hurt very bad. And be careful with certain fish species.

We would advise when you arrive, to go to the diving school and ask if there are any fish in the area which you must watch out for. Especially as it might be different from season to season. Certain fish, like the trigger fish, can become aggressive when they have to protect their eggs.

The staff at the diving schools are the experts and should be able to tell exactly for what to watch out during your vacation.

Royal Island resort Maldives

Food & drinks.

One thing which was a bit strange in our opinion was that drinks in the disco were not included in the all-inclusive package.

On the other hand, this seems only a good place if you want to party by yourself, as during our stay we checked out the place and were pretty much the only people inside.  The main restaurant is quite large and centrally located on the Island. The setting is not the nicest we have experienced, as you don`t have a sea view.

We used the all-inclusive package. This we advise for the Maldives. You have no other choice then to use your meals and drinks at the island. Keep in mind that importing alcohol is strictly forbidden in the Maldives.

To avoid an unpleasant surprise that food and drink prices are very high, and these will be high, we prefer the all-inclusive so that you know upfront what you will spent.

Royal Island resort Maldives
Royal Island resort Maldives

The Royal Island Resort Maldives is a good choice, as you keep in mind that the 5-star rating is overestimated. That being set, you can have the ultimate relaxing vacation overhere.

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