Sao Paulo / Campinas

Sao Paulo flowers

Sao Paulo & Campinas

Ever considered to visit Sao Paulo & Campinas?

Maybe not on the top of your list, and not worth it to especially travel to these places. However, if you have a stopover or are in the area still nice to see and experience.

And for the summer period, there are some nice beaches in the area. 

Sao Paulo & Campinas.

Our stay in Campinas was business related and during this business trip we stayed a long weekend in Sao Paolo. We would not really advice you to especially travel to Sao Paolo to see the city. There are way better and nicer places in Brazil worth a visit.

For example Rio de Janeiro or Fernando de Noronha Brazil have way more to offer. These and many more destinations you can all find on the Real Travel Blog

Things to keep in mind

  • These are not really touristic cities. If you want to visit, don`t plan to much time There are way nicer areas to visit in Brazil. 

A beach near Sao Paulo

Beach near Sao Paulo


We stayed at the Renaissance in Sao Paolo. This is absolutely an amazing hotel. The hotel is huge, so was the room we got appointed. It is one of the better hotels we ever stayed. 

The executive lounge was one of the best we have been so far, with a cocktail hour with the best fresh cocktails you can imagine. Also the staff is excellent, very friendly and helpful.

Also the location is excellent. And for the American readers, Starbucks is around the corner.

In Campinas you will not find luxurious hotels.

We both stayed in the Tryp and Victoria hotel. These are most likely the best options you will find in Campinas. However, don`t expect too much of these hotels.

Most important is that these hotels are in good areas. We walked in the evening around the neighborhood and that was fine. When you stay at the trip, there is a nice spa behind the hotel if you have some time left for relaxation.

Sao Paulo
Sao Paulo
Sao Paulo

Food & drinks.

There is an enormous selection in especially Sao Paulo.

We went one evening to the Fogo de Chao Churrascaria which is considered one of the best. It is a chain which you will find in the bigger cities.

They have great quality meat and a huge salad bar.

During the weekend we wanted to go to the Mancini restaurant, in the Bela Vista area. It is a family owned business, with more restaurants in the same street. It goes from a pizzeria to a fancy restaurant, so you can choose what you prefer. It is considered one of the best Italian restaurants in Sao Paulo.

However, going here requires some patience, as there is a long waiting Saturday night we went out on the Avenida Magdalena. In this street you find many, many bars.

It gives you a good feeling of what the local people in Sao Paulo do on a Saturday night. The bars are in general quite basic, but it has a good vibe around.  

Coconut on the beach beach
More of Avenida Paulista
Avenida Paulista

Things not to miss.

These cities are not designed for tourism and therefore there is not much you have to do or see. One of the things is to take a stroll along the Paulista avenue, the most famous street in Sao Paolo. Outside Sao Paolo there is a beach area named Ubatuba, like a 2 hours’ drive. You will not find a lot of foreigners over here, so maybe if you want to spend your vacation between locals this might be an option for you.


Sao Paolo is known to be a dangerous city. We stayed very centrally in the Jardins district. Personally we did not feel unsafe, but you see that people are careful. For example, when we approached a girl to ask for directions, she at first got scared. For sure you have to be careful in this city, and you have to stay in the good neighborhoods.

Another beach near Sao Paulo

Scenery near Sao Paulo

Getting there.

Both cities have their own airport, where Sao Paolo is connected to many internal destinations, while Campinas is more of a local airport. The good thing about the Campinas airport is that it is a hub of Azul airlines, which gives you good connections to many cities in Brazil. Traffic in Sao Paolo can be a nightmare, so plan some extra time when going to the airport.


The climate has mild winters and hot summers. Temperatures can easily go up to 35 degrees Celsius in the summer, and with a high humidity it can feel very, very hot.