Koh Samui

Thailand Koh Samui

Thailand Koh Samui

Thailand Koh Samui, a bit of a smaller Island, and therefore less busy than Phuket Thailand.

We loved the place. Nice beaches, and enough to do at night and plenty of nice places to have a nice dinner at night. 

The only complaint we have was the weather. Never in our live we saw so much rain!

Thailand Koh Samui

As we really enjoyed Phuket, we decided to go back a 2nd time to Thailand. This trip we combined with a few days in Singapore. Thailand Koh Samui is smaller than Phuket, but still enough to do.

The trip to Angthong national park was one of the highlights. It are about 40 small islands with the bluest water you have ever seen and the Islands are completely green. During these trips you go at a certain moment by Kayak through some caves, where you arrive in a lagoon. Absolute one of the most beautiful places we have ever seen.

Another highlight of this trip is Koh Wua Talap, where you have to make quite a climb, but once you arrive on the top you will have one of the most stunning panoramic views you will have ever seen. You only have to be careful with climbing the stairs, these can be very steep and are not that well maintained, but it is worth it.

Things not to miss

A traditional thai massage. You don`t need to search for these places as there are literaly everywhere. And the average price is like 7€ for an hour of a very good massage.

Daytrips by boat to Angthong national and Koh Wua Talap


Thailand Koh Samui


What we like in Thailand is that you can find hotels which are in bungalow style. Here you have an outside space and you can even book it with your own private pool. This is a complete different holiday experience than you stay in a high rise building where you only have a small balcony.

This really adds to your vacation feeling and we strongly advise to look for these type of hotels. 

In Thailand Koh Samui has hotels in all classification, from the luxuries Four Seasons to backpacking hostels. We decided for the Anantara Bophut resort. This hotel was planned to have a renovation, which should be finished by the time we arrived. As it was not, we moved to the Anantara Lawana resort.

This was a good decision as at the Anantara Bophut you only have a very small balcony (at least at the standard rooms).  The Anantara Lawana is more a bungalow style property, and in our case we had also our own private pool. And one of the things you want when you arrive from the cold Europe, is to spend as much as possible time outside. However, with Private pools it is almost always the case that these are not heated and therefore the water is cold that it is more for a short dip. 

The location of the Anantara Lawana is great it is just like a 5 minute by taxi to the center to Chaweng which is the biggest city on the Island. 

Thailand Koh Samui


We gelt perfectly safe in Koh Samui. Just watch the usual tourist traps. Time share seems still very common in Thailand, and they make it very attractive for you to sign up. Just don`t do it. Or listen to their sales presentation and collect your gift. It seems by the way a very profitable business as the gifts they sometimes give away for just listening are quite generous. 

The nightlife in Koh Samui can have some more dangerous sides if you get involved into drugs and prostitution. However, this is not something to worry about. If this brings you into trouble, it is your own choice.

Taxi drivers work mostly on fixed prices. These prices are not as low as you might expect, but are still much better than in Euorpe. 

Getting there

Coming from Europe there are not too many direct flights to Koh Samui. This means that in most cases you must connect through one of the major cities in the area.

Options are for example Bangkok or Singapore. This directly gives you also the option to visit these cities.


Thailand Koh Samui


It is all year round warm in Koh Samui. But there is a rainy season running starting September and ending at the end of November. During this season it can rain days in a row. It is a bit different then the Caribbean like for example in the Domanican Republic or Jamaica, where you have more short showers and after it is sunny again.

During our 10 days’ vacation in Koh Samui we had 3 days in a row just raining. Streets were even flooded so that went could not go out of the hotel anymore. And, on almost every other day there was significant rain. We strongly advise you to avoid this period.

Thailand Koh Samui

Food and drinks

We really enjoyed going to eat out in the center of Patong. Plenty of choice and in general good quality. When you are fed up with the Thai food, there are plenty of other choices. They have an Churrascaria in the town. Our last evening, we eat at an Italian restaurant named Prego, a bit more on the expensive site, but run by an Italian and the food was amazing.

Quite some evening we eat at Spago, good food for good prices. And as they have most of the time happy hours, cocktails are like 2,50€. For lunch we went quite sometimes to the Magnolia Spa to have lunch and a massage. The spa is really nice, a bit more expensive than average but still like 12€ for an hour of massage.

The staff is very professional, and the treatment rooms are nicely decorated and quiet. Lunch consist of authentic Thai dishes, and you pay like 5€ for a meal.

One evening we decided to go to the Hard Rock Café. Not really a success. The place was empty, and the location is not to great. It is at the end of a road full with prostitute bars, and we decided to leave after finishing our drink.

Also the outside place was full of insects. Maybe it is busy during high season, but otherwise not worth to go.


Thailand Koh Samui
Thailand Koh Samui
Thailand Koh Samui

Culture and people

Thai people are very friendly in Thailand Koh Samui and always smile. Even if they are angry we had the feeling that they are still smiling.

They tend to have the habit to say yes to anything. But if they really understood is a different story. After a while you get more used to this and you will make sure that they understood what you meant.

In the hotels and in restaurants you will get good service. We did not face anything negative about the people.

In the hotels and in restaurants you will get good service. We did not face anything negative about the people.

From a cultural point of view, you have the many Buddha temples you can visit. But also, the many night markets are part of the Thai culture.

Although the products sold on these kinds of markets are not really our thing, still it is nice tow walk around.

Thailand Koh Samui

We loved our stay in Thailand Koh Samui, but if we would go back we will go in a different period as we had to much rain, especially in the 1st days, and even a few days we were stuck in our hotel as the roads were flooded.

Especially after spending some nights in a big city like Singapore, it is a very nice combination to afterwards spent some time in Koh Samui. And the flight is less then 2 hours. On the Real Travel Blog you can read our experiencs of our Singapore holidays.