UAE visit

UAE visit

During our first UAE visit we went to Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Fujairah. Dubai and Abu Dhabi we went multiple times in the meantime. 

The United Arab Emirates consist of 7 emirates, of which the most famous and well-known Dubai and Abud Dhabi., These Emirates are therefore also the most touristic.

The United Arab Emirates is a Muslim country. In especially Dubai, you don`t really notice a lot of this. It is very modern and liberal. For example, alcohol is widely available in restaurants, bars and hotels.

Abu Dhabi is a bit more conservative, but still alcohol is available in almost all hotels. From the other Emirates we have been a few days in Fujairah.

Fujairah is completely different than Dubai. It does not have the huge shopping malls and skyscraper. Outside your hotel there is not much to do, so it is a place to just relax at the swimming pool or on the beach.

On the other hand, if you are in the United Arab Emirates, renting a car and explore the other Emirates is interesting to do. The drive through the desert, where you most likely meet some wild Camels is interesting. The drive to Fujairah is like 2,5 – 3 hours, depending where you stay in Dubai.

In this case it is a good option to take an overnight stay in for example Fujairah.

Camels in the wild in the UAE
Sandstorm while driving in the UAE

Things to keep in mind:

  • As a foreigner you are not able to but alcohol in stores in the United Arab Emirates. However, when you arrive at the airport in Dubai you have a duty free shopping options from where you can take alcohol and take it into the country.
  • Keep in mind that in Sharjah is a “Dry Emirates”. The possession of alcohol is forbidden over here.

We did more than one UAE visit. We have been multiple times in Dubai and Abu Dhabi over the years, and every time you are surprised with the number of new buildings they have build again.

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Are you looking for a vacation in Abu Dhabi? Abu Dhabi is a bit less crowed than Dubai. If you have a beach hotel, you will have defiantly more space on the beach in Abu Dhabi then you will have for example in Jumeirah Beach in Dubai. This is for us the big advantage of Abu Dhabi.

Which place you will like more, is a personal preference. The most people we speak like Dubai more, but we tend more towards Abu Dhabi. However, both Emirates are very easy to combine in one vacation. If you have more than a week of vacation, that would also be our advice. Split your time between the 2 emirates. The price for a taxi will be around $100. There are also busses which will cost you around $10.

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Our hotel in Fujarah